Who am I?  I'm a wife and a mother.  I'm a mom to two beautiful kids.  No kidding,  they are the most beautiful kids in the whole wide world.  Not that I'm biased or anything.  My husband is ok, too.  Depends on the day, really.  

Who are my clients?  Mostly families in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding suburbs.  While I've done a few small weddings, I mostly concentrate on families.  I don't have the equipment or the vision to do a wedding properly.  I can definitely recommend someone!



I try to focus on capturing the personalities of everyone in the family.  I really really prefer for the shoot to feel like we’re just hanging out.  When we first meet up, I just start talking away and have us take a stroll to a good spot.  While we chat, I try to scope out some good locations and mostly get a feel for who you are as a family.  The slow start helps everyone get out some nervous energy and start to relax a bit.  My goal is to get candids that really show how you are as people and as a family.  I do know the importance of the posed shots so those are always included in the sessions.  

My newborn shoots are a little different.  I’m not a huge prop person.  Well, I should say I’m not a huge prop person unless it means something to you.  I want you have things ready that really mean something.  I want you to remember the hat you tried so hard to knit while you were pregnant.  How it really was wonky.  I don’t want you to think that’s the hat the photographer brought.  I usually do more formal shots of the baby in the beginning.  Once those are done, I want you to hang out with your baby.  Play with their fingers and toes.  Breathe them in.  I want to capture those moments.  Those moments are the ones you think you’ll remember always, but are so easily forgotten.



Let’s figure out a location together.  If the weather is nice, I prefer outside.  There are so many options around Columbus.  You’re not limited to just the parks.  Let me know about your style.  I have suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts, too!



Now!  Just kidding.  There are certain times of the year that get booked faster.  I usually book up about 1-2 months ahead of time.  Unless, we’re talking autumn.  My fall pics book up about 2-3 months ahead of time.  I sometimes book those a year ahead.  I do keep my portrait package people in mind as I book my calendar.



Life is short.  Every moment is wonderful whether you’re 10 pounds heavier then you want to be or someone just lost a tooth.  

P.S.  I totally wasn't planning on taking family photos on this day.  I just pulled my hair out of a pony tail.  I'm not even sure if my husband shaved and he for sure would not be wearing a Browns polo if I had planned the shoot.  BUT, the photos bring a smile to my face.  That's what matters.