I LOVE LOVE LOVE every one of the pictures. They made me tear up. I can not say which one I love the most because I LOVE them all so much. I love their goofy faces (there is always one of us in a group photo), poses everything.  You know my family.  Every crazy one of them because you capture them how I see them.  And you are right, E. always is the only one that looks normal in every one of them. The rest of us look one step away from a anti-psychotic medication in at least a few, esp Cashil. haha.  Cracks me up.

This shoot was so fun.  It's what we do so I guess we look relaxed, like ourselves.

Thanks again!!!


color11 9.jpg


Tammy- we received the photo disc in last evening's mail and immediately sat down to savor every moment.  What a WONDERFUL piece of work!  You even managed to catch R., the squigglely worm, in some super shots.  I especially love the fact that nothing looks posed and they all feel so natural.

We will be certainly contacting you in the future for additional work.  If you have any business cards please feel free to ship me a few and I will do some marketing for you.

Best regards, and again our thanks, Cheryl


I want you to know that we LOVE Brad's photos!  ALL of them.  You captured him in a variety of "B. looks" from openly happy to reserved to endearing to child-like looks that I love because they remind me of when he was so younger to the cool senior serious look.  You even got a few with expressions that are the ones that a son only has with his mother.  I know as a mom you understand what I mean by that.  I love those the most!  Thanks for making the senior photo experience pleasant and painless and memorable. It was a lovely morning for us.  Again, thanks for outstanding photos!  I made an album out of ALL of them just for me and then other albums for gifts of many of them from each park location and outfit for family.  They are great gifts for Christmas!  And I don't want to overlook that, although I don't like photos of myself, the photos with me, B., and Lilu brought tears to my eyes----so precious!  The one with B. and Lilu is one of the ones on my desk at work.

Take care, 



I just want to tell you what an amazing job you do.  The pictures you took recently of my grandchildren are outstanding.  You have such an amazing gift and we feel blessed every time we see the pictures you take.  I have some of the pictures up at school and I get comments on them daily. Never stop doing what you do. I know it's not easy finding time with your "mom job"  and everyday life,  but we truly appreciate your talent and time as I'm sure others do.



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color15 2.jpg

Oh, my goodness, the pictures are SOOOOO incredibly perfect, Tammy!!  You captured everything perfectly, just really touches our heart!  I was SO excited to get back home and wait for the kids to go down for a nap to look at them!!  Tammy, you are incredibly gifted these are truly the best pictures we have ever had taken!  Love, love, love, love them!! 

Tammy, I can not thank you enough again!  You have so very much blessed us, these pictures are just so memorable and mean so much to us!  J loves them so much too, I sent a few to him and he is raving about them:-)