I LOVE LOVE LOVE every one of the pictures. They made me tear up. I can not say which one I love the most because I LOVE them all so much. I love their goofy faces (there is always one of us in a group photo), poses everything.  You know my family.  Every crazy one of them because you capture them how I see them.  And you are right, E. always is the only one that looks normal in every one of them. The rest of us look one step away from a anti-psychotic medication in at least a few, esp C. haha.  Cracks me up.

This shoot was so fun.  It's what we do so I guess we look relaxed, like ourselves.

Thanks again!!!



I got so excited to look through these that I never emailed to tell you how much I love them! You capture our silly monkey in a way I never will be able to. Every time I click to the next picture, I think it's my favorite picture I've ever seen of him, and then I click to the next picture and have a new favorite!

When H was born, I never thought I'd be someone who got family pictures every year. It just seemed like SO MUCH money for a few pictures. And now I can't tell you how much I cherish having these pictures and watching him grow. (Maybe I'm not the best at getting them printed and putting them up around the house, but I'll get around to it one day.) But I'm just so happy we have all these pictures.


You are AMAZING!!!!!  These photos are my favorite to date!  I love all of them!!  Absolutely fantastic work!!!  Thank you!!!!!! 


I can't believe I haven't thanked you for these photos. We LOVE them!  Frank Fetch Park and German Village were perfect ideas for our family.