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I've gotten a lot of questions about my newborn photography.  I think there's two camps.  Some like the props...which is way hard to do as a photographer so I give them a ton 'o credit...and some like a more lifestyle approach.  I prefer a more lifestyle approach.  

Being a mom influences that approach more than anything else.  I think the birth of a baby is such a...there's really no word for it...crazy, happy, exhausting, hectic time.  When my clients look back at their photos 20 years from now, I don't want them to remember the hat I brought and the three hours I spent trying to get that hand in just the right position.  

I want them to remember how their baby felt so tiny in the crook of their elbow while they cradled him.  I want them to remember just how soft a newborn's hair feels.  How the most content spot was against mommy or how daddy's football hold seemed to work wonders, too.  Of course, I certainly feel that you need individual shots of the little one...and lots of them!  I just like it a little more natural with the things that mean most to you and your family.  

This newborn shoot is probably one of the best examples of of my newborn style.  Its just all natural.  One afternoon hanging out in their house.  I just popped in to catch a few moments.  I threw in a couple of big sis, too.  She's pretty gorgeous in her own right.  Her baby brother is no slouch.  Believe me when I tell you, 6 months later, that he is HUGE.  A linebacker in the making.


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