no chasing | powell, ohio senior photographer

When I got the email asking if I did senior portraits, I was a little hesitant.  I'm totally a person that likes it in their comfort zone. I know that a good kick in the pants is always worth it, though.  I decided to go for it.  At least I wouldn't have to chase the kids down like most of my shoots.  

I've done a total of three senior sessions this year and they all went just like this one.  I talked to much in the beginning.  The teenagers probably thought I was nuts.  Each and every session, I can think of the time when I got them to break and relax.  It usually involved a look and grin that something mom was saying was totally wrong.  Most likely when the conversation involved the opposite sex or a sibling.  After a bit, I think those teenagers might've actually started liking me a bit.  Now if only I can accomplish the same thing when my kids get older.

This graduating senior was so nice, sweet and honest.  He's a good kid.  Not going to lie.  My mind goes to the gigantic spider webs he ran into while we were walking down the path.  They were huge.  I had a good chuckle when he told his mom that she was supposed to be looking out for them for him.  I hope my baby boy always wants my help looking out for spider webs.