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I got this idea from Tara Whitney, a California photographer.  I absolutely love love love her work.  She does this thing where she shows how her clients use her photos in their homes.  I love the idea.  I think sometimes we go blank on how to display our photos.  I looove having pictures up of my family....that's probably not a surprise.  For one, I think it shows my children that I think they are about as special as special can get and I want everyone to know it.  Second, I am most proud of my family.  Not a single piece of art could speak to me as much as my family.  

Here's a pic of how one of my clients' chose to display her photos.  You may recognize one of the shots as the banner for my blog!  Not all of these are mine....I put smiley faces on the ones that are :)....some of them are snapshots and some are taken by her cousin.  She tells me that she's putting more of mine up so we'll have to see if we get a peek at how things are changed up.

I think she did a great job of making you feel like you want to stand in front of the wall and gaze at her beautiful family.  As a mom, I feel like the real memories happen day to day but, we need to make an effort to get in front of the camera.  Book a session and do it!!

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