a moment of memories | columbus, ohio family photographer

I looove it when this momma calls me up.  Our first meeting was back in December.  It was about a week before Christmas and there was a ton of snow on the ground and it was freezing.  She wanted me to come to her house and just hang out for a lifestyle shoot.  This was one of my favorite shoots of all time.  She gets my vision and what I like to shoot and I love her for that.  When she called me up this summer and asked if I would just hang out in her backyard, I was all about it.  I should lay the disclaimer out there that she has a few acres, a chicken coup, an old wood house, fields and a tractor.  We just took a walk.  She gets it.  I am going to put it out there that I just spend a couple of hours with her husband.  Yup.  I'll admit it.  Right here online.  He had that damn dental drill in hand and just went away.  Ugh.  I may not like it so much when I have to see him.  He is an awesome dentist so if you're in the market, give me a shout.  I'll hook you up.