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2011 was a great year for me.  I really can't complain.  Both professionally and personally, it was a stellar year.  Professionally, I did have a few bumps in the road.  I suppose everyone does.  Thankfully I have some awesome clients that seem to know just when to email me.  I mean, seriously.  These emails bring tears to my eyes.  Ok.  I'll admit it.  More than tears.  I've cried while reading some.  I've had to get up and get a tissue.  I'm telling you, my clients just seem to know when I need to hear some words of encouragement.

The week after Christmas, I thought about one email in particular.  It was from a mother of a senior I'd taken portraits of a couple of months ago.  Her words were so heartfelt.  One part really stuck with me, though.  She wrote about capturing the expressions her son has had since he was little.  She told me to enjoy this Christmas because before I knew it, I was going to be taking senior pictures of my little ones.  

My first thought was...ummm...I'm crying while reading an email.  Like I'm really going to be able to hold it together enough to take senior pictures of my kids!  After I wiped away the tears, I was/am ecstatic that I was able to create a moment for them.  When she pulls the pics out for her grandchildren, she's going to remember the moment.  She's going to remember those expressions.  She's going to see them in her grandchildren.

Time flies so fast.  I can't grab the moments fast enough.

So these pics aren't of that momma's senior.  I didn't want to embarass him.  We all know how easily we moms embarass our kids.  

These are of the only senior girl I took photos of this year.  She was beyond sweet.  I just wanted to hug her and ask her to teach my little girl how to be a teenager when the time comes.  I remember most her making quiet responses to something her mother said...maybe something her mother said incorrectly...maybe.  She'd make a quiet response then give me the sweetest smile indicating that mom's aren't always right.  We're not always right, but we're always there.  The demeanor between these two told me she totally knew it, too.  Mom would always be there.


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