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I'm a big Jay Z fan.  I'm sure you've heard that he and Beyonce just had a baby girl.  I cried when I first heard the song he wrote for her.  Is that really a surprise?  I cry when I read emails.  Sheesh.  There's a part of the song where he mentions that his daughter is magic.  

So I started thinking about how that baby is for sure not going to want for anything.  What would you even get her as a present?  I started thinking about it and came to the realization that the only thing that would really matter is something money can't buy.  I think a lot of times we measure happiness by things.  Big houses, expensive cars, nice clothes and lots of toys become goals and benchmarks.  Its not really about that is it?  Our best memories are usually moments.  Not the expensive pair of shoes.  Its the feeling.  Love.  Faith.  

I've known this family before they were a family.  They now have three under three.  I know, holy guacamole.  The thing is, you don't really feel flustered or nervous in their presence.  I, for sure, would be giving off some crazy mommy vibes.  Instead you feel this peace.  I'm sure they have their moments.  We all do but, the underlying tone is love and faith.  They're rich in love and faith.  Money can't buy it.