one of the originals | columbus, ohio newborn photographer

Way back when I started this endeavor, I was pretty....hmmm....whats the nice way to say it...raw?  Ummm...maybe inexperienced is the way to put it.  There were a few people that were willing to take a risk and not only book me...well, I was insanely cheap...but, also say nice things about me.  Well, I guess I am still honored that people not only book me but, say nice thing about me and to me.

Anyway, these guys were one of my original clients.  Holy smokes do I remember our first shoot.  I swear I thought I was driving out into the middle of nowhere.  Then I came back in the fall for some more pics.  

They have two adorable boys.  Laid back boys just like their parents.  Then I got an email saying that she needed to book another shoot.  A newborn shoot!!  Woo hoo.  Another boy!  Nope.  A beautiful baby girl that is for sure the center of everyone's attention.  You have not seen brothers that love a baby sister more than these two.  Especially the oldest.  Oy vey.  No one is going to ever mess with this girl.  Not with this big brother around.  I am beyond psyched that they got the newborn package.  That means I get to see them more.  

P.S.  I wish you could sit back and listen to their story.  Its great.  You know when a water loving Aussie surfer is willing to live his life in land locked Ohio, there's some love for his wife.