lifetimes | westerville, ohio family photographer

I worked at a clothing company almost a decade ago.  Whoa.  A decade.  That totally makes me feel old.  Anyway, I look back and think about how much I've much life has changed...since I worked at the company.  I can honestly say that I'm a totally different person.  That decade might as well be another lifetime.

One of the fun things about this little photography business being totally word of mouth is that I get to see how small the world really is.  When this mama first contacted me, neither one of us knew that we once worked together.  We both had new last names and two children.  Two things we definitely didn't have eight years ago.  Once she opened her front door, we both said "oooohhhh" at the same time.

Its awesome to see the growth in these two since I last worked with them.  They are devoted to each other and their children.  I think about what my 24 year old perception was of them and what I see now.  How good is life?  Ten years can be a lifetime but, luckily, its a great lifetime.