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As I sat here going through sessions trying to figure out who to blog about next, I started thinking about how my business has changed in the last year.  The biggest turning point has got to be the newborn package.  When I first decided to offer it, I was a bit skeptical.  Would anyone really want to commit to me for a whole year?  

Then I happened upon my latest session with this family.  They were the very first family to purchase the full package.  I waited for this little guy to be born and I saw him every three months through the last year.  I got to know him, his mommy and his daddy.  That's the hardest part about my package babies turning one.  I don't get to see them anymore.  I get a little attached.  I love hearing the updates to everyone's lives.  I love seeing mommies get more and more confident.  I love seeing dads go from the awkward this newborn is so little hold to throwing kids into the air.  

This little boy will always have a place in my heart.  The very first little one that I photographed from birth to 1.  I had the priviledge to document memories of him in a crazy hot lion costume, standing outside of a local play cafe as the wet snow came down, the name sake pacifier, and having to watch him watch his parents enjoy some Jeni's ice cream (so mean!).  Most importantly, I got to witness the cool gaze that lights up when he gives a crazy big smile.


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