sarcasm | columbus, ohio child photographer

I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor.  It gets me in trouble sometimes.  I've learned in the past few years how to feel out those that get it and those that prefer a more cordial tone to their sessions.  This lovely family are my sarcastic soul mates.  I'm not even sure I had both feet out of the car before one of us was throwing some snide comment out about something.  Love it.  Its fun.  

Now that I've laid the sarcasm out there, I feel like I shouldn't say something too nice because then you have to really think about the true meaning behind it all.  I'll lay this out there in all of its honesty.  Life is full of peaks and valleys.  We all know it.  My confidence in this whole photography endeavor is no exception.  When I think about this family, my thoughts revolve around their unknowing ability to push me out of the valley.  They know my style and they always remind me of the fun in it.  I think about that and how mom and I can sit and remark about why on earth it takes dad so long to go to the car and back.

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