no cable tv

There are times when I could end a session after 20 minutes.  Not because its a complete disaster but, because I know I've got the moment.  The kids are in a good mood.  The parents are relaxed and not stressed out about getting the perfect smile.  Everything is just working out.  

I don't think I've ever ended after 20 minutes but, I can tell you this dad was more than happy when I put the camera down after 45 minutes and said, "I think I've got it.  What do you guys think?"  I love that they showed up just relaxed and ready to let it play out.  No pressure on me and no pressure on their adorable little girl.  Just ready to capture the moment as their family was on that day.  I loved seeing how they let their daughter just be herself.  

Then I found out that they cancelled their cable.  That blew my mind.  No lie.  Now, I know cable is not a necessity and there are people in the world that have no clean water but, man, I love me some tv.  

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