ying and yang

I told a friend the other day how my future self is always amazed at my past self's ability to procrastinate.  Ugh.  That's my random thought of the day.  I suppose I should say my ability to procrastinate and EAT.  Oy vey.

I was just about to say that I've been taking this guy's (and his brother's!) pics for a year now but, whoa, its been two years.  He just turned two and I first took his pics when he was a newborn.  Oh wait, that's a lie.  I first took his family's pics when his mama was pregnant with him!  I have no concept of time.

I've seen a lot of relationship dynamics in the last couple of years.  It always brings a smile to my face to see how parents interact.  I love seeing how each couple compliments each other.  This little guy's parents are the epitome of ying and yang.  Let's just say that I have no idea where his 'ol pops would be without his mama.  Probably in a deserted cabin in the woods....if he liked the outside or nature.  

So my point...I am so scattered tonight...is that I love how this little boy pushes his parents in just a way that his brother doesn't.  Even when he's quiet, you can see him thinking of how to push his dad's buttons just a bit and then give a little impish grin when his mom comes in and makes it all better.  Mom's have a way of doing that...we're awesome.

P.S. I have no idea if I used the whole ying and yang thing correctly.  I was too lazy to google.  Figure I'll do it later.

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