a blur

I'd say I normally get about 3 months notice from a mommy for newborn pictures.  I've had some regular clients email me right at 12 weeks, I think.  You know who you are!! This lovely little baby's mommy was probably the shortest notice I've ever gotten.  Luckily, I had a cancellation and was able to photograph her about 5 days after her mama emailed me.  Gosh, it was all a blur.  Even the session.  Her dad was doing dishes.  Her mama was chatting with an aunt.  It was so relaxed and quiet.  There was a John Wayne movie on the tv.  I'm not even sure it all even happened.  From the first email to the actual session it all happened so fast.  Good thing I have some pics as proof.

P.S. Please don't be disappointed if I can't get you in five days later.  For reals, I just happened to have a cancellation.  Technically, I have no open sessions until March.  I have 4 mamas on my baby watch list right now!

Tammy DeanComment