I like to think I'm not the type to make New Year's resolutions but, I totally am.  I don't like to make the standard weight loss resolution.  I like to make the ones that will change my being, my happiness for the better.  Things that will make me a better person, wife and mother.  I guess those are probably standard resolutions, too.  I suppose I'm not as original as I like to think I am.  

There's this quote that is floating around Pinterest.  "When you say 'yes' to others, make sure you are not saying 'no' to yourself."  It is by Paulo Coelho.  Well, at least that's what google told me.  This fall season took a lot out of me.  I said "yes" way too many times.  Way too many.  When I really sat down and thought about it, I said "yes" way too many times this summer, too.

By fitting so many clients in, I really lost out on some time with my family.  While we all need time to do our own things, being gone most of the weekend is not what I want for my family.  Add to that the time I would let my kids zone out in front of the tv or play on the ipad so that I could just get a little more work done.  Its not the mother I like to think I am or the mother that I strive to be.  

Plus, its really not fair to my clients.  I really like building relationships.  I like to get to know each family.  What makes them smile.  What gets the throw your head back belly laughs.  I am not the big department store studio that just ushers people in and out.  I'm not that type of person and I don't want my business to be that way, either.  I miss getting to blog about each one of my families.  Letting them know how great they are together.  I had to do that this year.  It makes me sad.    

So, this means I'm going back to basics.  I'm cutting back on my sessions.  A set amount each weekend and I'm not going to go over.  I hope that this will help give me balance.  Its hard juggling doing something you love and nurturing your family.  Hopefully a set number of sessions will at least give me the time to TRY to be a better photographer, mother and person!

Below are the wonderful sessions that I didn't have the time to give a sneak peek or write about in a blog post about this year.  Lots of beautiful people!

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