starting my day

Most mornings my daughter and I head downstairs just the two of us. I make a cup of coffee and hand her a granola bar. She eats her granola bar while watching Charlie and Lola.  I sip my coffee and surf the internet on my phone. 


Family, home, photography - and the business behind it - are all constantly running through my head throughout the day.  In that short 20 minutes every morning, I have some tried and true sites that are like little pep talks each morning. They key is not to be inspired to copy but, to be inspired to live your life with your own twist. 

 Under The Sycamore.  I love her photography and I love her approach to life. She keeps things pretty positive on her blog. She's a great reminder of how lucky I am to not only be a mother but, to be a mother that gets to stay at home with her kids. 

 Gussy Sews. I'm not sure her products are my style but, I don't read her blog for the products. I think she is honest about what she has done and what she continues to go through as a small business owner. 

 Jasmine Star. I'm not a wedding photographer but, I can not stop staring at her images. She's great at showing how everything a photographer does is personal.  Every little thing is personal when it comes to a photography business. 

Yes, you've probably already heard of these sites but, now you have an idea of what I'm doing at 6:45 every morning!  Is it the only way I find inspiration in my day?  No, but it's a start.  Sometimes a truly inspiring day just needs a little nudge. 

What do you do to start off on the right foot everyday? 





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