I'm not going to sugar coat it.  I think having a newborn and a toddler is hard.  I remember when my first was born, I could nap with him if we had a particularly hard night.  I prepped for nursing sessions with a nice big pillow, a huge jug of water and the tv remote.  I was able to plan activities to make sure he/we got a nice solid nap time.  

When my second was a newborn, I'm not even sure I knew how to sleep.  I think I forgot because I was never allowed the opportunity.  She had her nights and days mixed up and I had a toddler that was no longer napping at all.  I nursed her while standing or running around after my son.  I'm not even sure she ever had a nap schedule.  

In the end, though, we're a family.  We adapted and rolled with the punches.  Kind of like this session.  She certainly did not want to be here taking pictures.  Her parents went with it, though.  Tried to figure it out minute by minute.  Adjusted their expectations and pushed through.  Kind of like the first six months of life with two.

Tammy DeanComment