jake's 4th birthday

I, admittedly, may have gone overboard on a birthday or two.  Maybe.  Here's the thing.  I just really want the kids to feel celebrated.  I can't remember ever feeling really celebrated in my childhood.  I don't think I ever felt that my birth day was one of the best days in my parents' life.  I want them to know that they are the most important parts of my life that I celebrate at every moment.  

So yeah.  I know a party doesn't impart that feeling into someone.  I like to throw a party.  What can I say.

 This party was probably the last big birthday party we'll have....well, at least until sweet 16....or if they ask...I mean if they ask it's ok to say yes, right?  I very rarely admit how many people were actually at this party.  Thankfully, the weather was great and I think everyone had a great time.  We celebrated jake and the beginning of summer.  Now, I just might have another beginning of summer party...maybe...if Trev lets me.  

Tammy DeanComment