my birthday

We celebrated my birthday by going to a friend's wedding.  It has to be the first time we really let go since the kids were born.  We felt it the next day.  Boy did we feel it the next day.  I think it took us two days to fully recover from the night.  

I was going to send out sweet invitations for jake's birthday.  That didn't happen.  I ended up sending this sweet email out to everyone instead.

So I had these grand plans of an awesome graphic/invitation for Jake's birthday...then Mr. and Mrs. M got married on Saturday and lets just say that I probably could've done without those last five vodka and sprites.  Yes, I said last five which insinuates there was probably like five before them.  Oy.  Trev and I had to tag team parenting duties on Sunday because neither one of us could stand for longer than 10 minutes.  That said, I have a lot of work to do which leaves no time for an awesome graphic/invitation.  Here's the rundown.The party is on May 19 at 4pm.  Whole families are welcome.  Well, I'd rather not see your long lost uncle, but definitely bring siblings and both mom and dad!  We'll have dinner...most likely pizza since its Jake's favorite...and some munchies.  For those who have no desire to go to a 4 year olds birthday party, we'll have adult beverages available, too....maybe a pony keg??  Ugh.  That is if I'm recovered from M's wedding by then.Jake is obsessed with Angry Birds right now so there may be some Angry Birds stuff around.  Also, he really wants to camp out so we're inviting whomever wants to to bring a tent and stay the night with him.  Totally understand if that's not your thing because its not mine and I will be inside in my bed.  If you'd like to bring a tent and put it up for a couple of hours then take it down and go home when you've had enough, feel free.  We'll have s'mores for the campfire and maybe some waffles for the morning...Oh, if you could just let me know if you can make it and who is coming with you that would be great so I can make sure there are enough goodies for the little ones and their siblings!Hopefully we'll see you!

May 19


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