put a pin on it :)

"Where should we go?" is a very popular question.  That's probably stating the obvious.  There are definitely some places around Columbus that are more popular and known and there are some that aren't.  I think its hard to know what kind of shots you may get when I suggest a less popular location.  I wanted a way to help my clients visualize the kind of portraits you may end up if they go with something a little different.  

I am going to get all photographer on ya'll and say that every session is different.  The actual images you get depend on everyone's mood, the time of day and the weather.  That said, its kind of fun to scope out a location without leaving your seat soooo I set up a Pinterest account!  Each of my boards is a different location around Columbus and the surrounding suburbs.  I hope to add more boards as time goes by but, this is a start so follow a gal!  

I bet you'd be surprised to know where the parents of these cute little guys chose to take their portraits….

color21 6.jpg

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