the duke

I have a dog.  A rather big dog.  His name is Duke.  I am forever annoyed with the amount of dog hair that is in my house.  Despite the large quantities of hair, Duke probably is the best dog ever.  His birthday is next week.  My husband says its the 23rd but, I think it might be the 26th.  Its insane to believe he will be 10 years old.  We got him the year before we got married and he was our first baby.  I look back and can't believe how much we spoiled him.  He used to sit next to me on the couch and lay his head on my pregnant belly while I ate breakfast before work.  Then my son was born and he wasn't allowed on the furniture anymore and I was focused on trying to keep a tiny human being alive.  Despite being overthrown, he still loves us.  He lets the kids climb all over him.  My daughter calls him her horse and rides him.  He plays chase with my son.  He sings the Browns song with my husband and barks at the appropriate moments.  He always comes right to my side when I'm arguing with my husband….because I'm always right.  :)  He's a great ginormous ball of hair that sheds constantly but loves us unconditionally.

Happy Birthday, Duke.

Tammy DeanComment