my big fat kitchen renovation

I feel like I'm beating the topic of my kitchen with a stick.  I tell you what, though, we're pretty dang on proud of that kitchen.  When we bought our house in 2008, we knew that we would be doing some renovations.  Its your typical suburban house.  Formal living room, formal dining room, eat in kitchen and family room.  We just really loved the neighborhood….

But, if I'm going to be totally honest…

We just sold our house, which had been on the market for a year, two days before my water broke at 36 weeks.  We left the hospital and went straight to look at houses.  My husband narrowed it down to his top 4 or 5 and off I went fresh from giving birth to my first born to pick one.  I was just overwhelmed but life.  We moved in when my son was 8 weeks old.  I don't recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, so our first major renovation was finishing the basement.  My husband learned to frame walls, install a bathroom, electrical and pretty much everything that goes into finishing a basement.  We did draw the line at drywall and carpet installation.

Our second project was the kitchen.  I knew I wanted a wall of windows because winters in Ohio are depressing…cough….polar vortex….cough…and I need light.  I also knew I wanted more space.  Which led to the formal dining room.  We're not formal dining room people.  Well, I'm not.  I think my husband could be if I wasn't weighing him down.  That room was just wasted space.  That meant knocking down some walls and making my kitchen.  I knew I wasn't going to have very many upper cabinets…I only have one…so I wanted a wall of pantry cabinets.  I also wanted pot filler.  Why?  I don't know.  They just look kind of cool.  

My husband did 90% of the work.  The cabinet guys installed the cabinets.  We hired a contractor to install our new windows because that involved cutting a huge new whole into our house and new headers.  Really our kitchen reno became a first floor reno.  We replaced all the flooring and redid the half bath.  

Here's the before and after.  :)  The first pic is dated 11/11/11.  Things didn't get really hard until 3/3/12 when we ripped out the stove and sink.  I was able to use my sink and stove again on 4/17/12.  That was a hard month.  So so so very hard.  Ugh.  I took this after photo today.  

Promise.  This is the last I'll talk about my kitchen.

p.s.  My family room isn't blue.  Its a light grey but, for some reason the shadow and lighting make it look blue….

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