best of 2013 - family style | columbus, ohio family photographer

My regular clients know that its inevitable.  Unless its insanely wet, I'm going to make you do it.  I'm going to make the whole family sit down….on the ground….all the way on your bottom….for a family shot.  Half of the time, dad is immediately going to say, "I'm not flexible enough."  Its worth it.  Trust me.  

I'm going to give these guys a special shout out.  We arrived at the park on a really hot, really humid July afternoon.  It was insanely dark because of the very very foreboding clouds overhead.  A storm was about to break but, we gave it a go.  This shot was taken within the first five minutes of our six minute shoot.  Pretty much 2 seconds after this was taken, it started to rain…and by rain I mean torrential downpour.  


Tammy DeanComment