the journey | worthington, ohio baby photographer

I had this blog post pretty much written in my mind.  Then I met with a friend this morning.  We met to discuss our business and creative journeys.  Children always throw a curve into that journey.  Daily life throws a curve into that journey.  I suppose thats why its a journey.

The lovely lady I had the honor of photographing is insanely creative.  I just want to bottle up the energy in her home and try to mooch some of it.  What really speaks to me is her desire to nurture her dreams.  Its not selfish, though.  She beams a quiet encouragement towards her husband.  Her son's eyes sparkle with happiness.  I admire how she's trying to stay true to her creative dreams yet keep her priority her family.  She's on a journey that is creating success on so many levels because she's staying true to herself and living it out.  

My friend and I discussed our own journeys and our desire to be content in all aspects of our lives.  Where we are in our lives, we can't rush certain decisions.  Its a long personal road.  The more we live, the more personal it gets.  

My point.  In this journey that we're all on, I hope you're staying true to yourself.  I hope you're remembering that it is a journey that is filled with ups and downs….jobs that suck, coupon clipping but...if you remember to stay true to yourself, your life with glow…kinda like this mama. She's living proof of the beauty that comes from living the adventure.

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