what surrounds me

I watched Oprah Prime on heroine addiction last Sunday night.  Totally setting myself for a fantastic week, right?  Her interview with Russell Brand was intriguing.  I'm kind of impressed with how intelligent and honest he is about his struggles.  I always kind of thought him as that weird guy that was married to Katy Perry.  Anyway, I searched for the transcripts of the interview and then for a clip of the segment that really stuck with me but, couldn't find it.  My mind's interpretation may be totally off base from what he actually said but, I just wanted to throw it out there that much, if not all, of the following comes from what he said during the Oprah interview.  

He talked about how much of a person's happiness is wrapped in what's next.  If I get this pair of shoes, I'll be happy.  If I get that promotion, I'll be happy.  If I could live in that house, I'd be happy.  

My husband tells me that I think way too much.  To tell you the truth, I probably do think about too much.  Too much of what's next.  Too much introspection.  Too much of what else do I want.  While I'm definitely a proponent of working hard to get you to the next level, there is something to be said for being happy where you are.  Make the process your joy not the result.  

Oddly enough, it was Russell Brand that has prompted me to take just a moment out of my day, take a deep breathe, and be happy with what surrounds me.   

Tammy DeanComment