the north market | columbus, ohio family photographer

I am a planning, routine driven person.  Today, that is not happening.  I'm trying to embrace it.  Go with the flow.  Its hard…  

Family portraits are really hard in Ohio winters.  You kind of have to have an open mind.  You have to keep in the back of your head that its about the moments and your family and not always about the background.  We ventured to the North Market in January for this shoot.  I was a bit worried that it was going to be too crowded since the only time we could make it happen was at 11…lunch!  We totally lucked out and it was a really snowy, white out kind of day so it wasn't too bad.  Not really sure I've ever used luck, snow and white out all in the same sentence before…  These guys accepted what they were dealing with and embraced the situation.  This was a great way to start of my 2014.  Many thanks to this wonderful family. 

Tammy DeanComment