some random news

Well, I figured no one needed to hear how stupid this winter has been one more time so I'm just going to throw some random info out there….

Did you know that I started a newsletter?  Its just quarterly so shouldn't blow up your inbox.  It'll include, what I hope to be, some helpful information.  Things like when I'll have mini sessions, what to wear and, of course, pictures.  If you didn't get it a couple of weeks ago, sign up!  There's a signup form to the right of the blog and also a tab on my Facebook page.  If you're a past client and didn't get the newsletter, check your promotions tabs on gmail.   

Speaking of mini sessions.  I have a mini sessions party scheduled for May 17.  My friend, Tamara, is hosting on her 11 acres in Delaware County.  From what I hear, her birthday is the next day so her husband plans on making it a party.  Tamara loves herself some pictures so its almost like going to Supergames for her birthday.  Kinda.  Maybe that's a stretch?  We decided on May 17 hoping that things will be nice and green.  We have this fear that things will still be kind of bare and less green in April.  Email me - - and I'll forward your email along to her.  She's handling getting times booked.  We can answer any questions you may have, too.  

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