swinging | columbus, ohio photographer

I remember when my son was close to a year old he was fascinated with watching fires.  I thought a Japanese steakhouse would be perfect.  Ummm, no.  The kid cried like crazy.  Good news was that he was no longer fascinated with watching fires.  Bad news was I felt like I personally made my kid cry....which I kinda did...  

As parents, I feel like we know our kids 80% of the time.  The other 20% is a total crap shoot.  You think you know whats going to happen or what they'd like at a certain moment and you're wrong.  Problem is, that 20% always seems to occur at that moment when other people are watching.  Like...lets say....a photographer.

This momma knew her son loved the duck pond.  Beautiful.  Only he didn't want a thing to do with the duck pond.  He wanted to swing.  Oh well.  The 20% helps us learn to adapt....and me to figure out different ways to photograph kids swinging.  

Tammy DeanComment