It was January.  I was standing at the bus stop talking to the other parents.  Our kids were just picked up and we were standing in the biting cold talking about spring break.  Thats when it hit me.  Why on earth was I planning on staying in Ohio for spring break?  I mean, it was the coldest winter ever.  The.Coldest. Winter.Ever.  

The second I walked through the door, I looked at the school calendar.  The kids and I could totally go down to Florida for two weeks.  My son would only miss two days of kindergarten if we planned it right.  Done.

I can not express how much my soul needed to feel the warm sun.  We visited with the grandparents for one week then my husband came down for the second week and we had a family vacation the four of us.  A very needed vacation.  

…..and now you can be bored by pictures of my kids on vacation.  :)

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