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A few years back I walked into my doctor's office for a check up during my second trimester of pregnancy with my daughter.  I looked over to my left and saw this lady that kind of looked familiar but, I wasn't sure.  You know how you see someone and you just can't place them...and then it hits you three hours later and you feel like you were so rude and all you want to do is go back and say, "I remember you!!!"  Well, that didn't happen this time.  :)  We remembered how we knew each other.  

We weren't too far off from each other on due dates if I remember, correctly....but, I found out a couple of weeks after that appointment that she gave birth early.  Way early.  She had a full-fledged premie on her hands.  Bless her ever lovin' heart.  

Fast forward a couple of years and I was delighted when she contacted me for portraits.  Then  she emailed me and asked if I had any interest in helping her raise money for her March of Dimes team.  She formed a team to honor her son.  I mean, anyone that knows me knows that I'm not going to say no to a little boy with some beautiful blue eyes.

That brings us to last week and our third fundraiser.  She decided that this year she wanted to raise money as she ran the half marathon that benefited the Nationwide's Children's hospital.  I'm was in.  I'm a sucker for children's charities.  What can I say.  

We raised $550!  

Now I rest up for next year.

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