in my head

I am totally living in my head too much.  I think about every little thing and it is so annoying yet I can't turn it off.  I feel like some of what I think about matters and some of it is just working me up.  I need Jedi training so I can have more control of my thoughts.

I am obsessed with the show Tiny House Nation on the FYI channel.  Yeah, I know.  Who watches the FYI channel?  Apparently, I do.  Anyway, so this show is all about people who make the decision to live in a TINY house.  Like 500 square feet.  I am fascinated by it.  I just love this thought of living a simplified life.  Only the necessities.  I'm a walking contradiction, though.  The area I live in is definitely the opposite of a nation of tiny houses and I was just thinking that I want a new dining room table and chairs.  Maybe I need a Medium House Nation show.

My busy season is coming up.  I'm ready for it yet I'm not at the same time.  I feel like I've had the feeling about everything in my life.

We've had a few things happen with my son in the last week that have shown us what kind of person he's becoming.  The kid is awesome.  He's turning into this great human being and I really think it has everything to do with his father.

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