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I remember sitting in the rocking chair in my son's nursery.  It was a brown chair that sat in front of the window.  As I sat in the chair, the window was behind me and to the left.  I was about to start nursing my son on the right side.  The light from the window was making his little face just glow.  I pulled him close and he did that wild, side to side, mouth open, head shake right before he latched on peacefully.  I remember looking down and thinking I don't ever want to forget this moment.  I loved that crazy head shake.  

I know I said...I don't ever want to forget this moment...about 1 bajillion times in the last six years.  I remember a friend said her mother once told her that you say that to yourself constantly as a parent...remember this moment...and you won't remember it.  Its true.  I've forgot about 99.9% of those.

I'm not going to say you should have a camera out documenting every part of your life.  I'm squarely in the we need to be present as parents camp.  Put the camera down and live with your family.  I am going to tell you to relax a smidge when you hire a photographer.  I know you want the perfect family pic....and believe me I'm working my butt of to get it for you...but, every now and then when the photographer says lets take a breather or just let him go...the moment is there...

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