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Somewhere along the way, we became adults.  We decided that we had to start purchasing real furniture.  The stuff that doesn't require directions and those pentagon shaped screw drivers.  We both immediately thought dining room table.  I've always dreamed about a table lasting through the years.  Each knick and dent telling a story.  It being a part of the kids lives for many years.  The white ikea round table probably wasn't going to cut it.

One of my most favorite clients ever told her husband he needed to get a hobby.  His first choice would be surfing his beloved Australian waves but, there's not much of that going on in Ohio so he turned to furniture making.  Each year I see them, I can tell he's really getting into it.  Really getting serious.  Developing his own techniques.  I love seeing the happiness being creative and producing an awesome product gives someone.  

I can not rave enough about our table and Surf Dust Furniture.  Go visit his Facebook page and like it.  He often posts random deals on extra stock his has on hand.  His product is top quality, solid and heavy as all get out.

Here's my beautiful table and all its wonderful details.  I can't wait to have more Christmas dinners and pizza nights on this wonderful table....and a pint or two with the carpenter and his family...

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