simple grace

I suppose we're all taking time to think this time of year.  Thinking about the last year's events.  Hope for the next year's days.  I, for sure, am a fan of introspection.  Its probably all I do when I have a moment to let my mind wander....that and think about taking out walls in my house.  Either way, my husband really loses in the whole situation.    

I decided to detach a bit from my obligations this Christmas break.  My husband was off the same amount of time the kids were out of school so we were prime for family time.  We spent the last three months tag teaming and handing off so we needed the time.  Obviously, all that detachment meant that I had plenty of time to sit and think....which normally ends in catastrophe but, there were surprisingly positive results this time around.

I came to the conclusion that my best moments of 2014 came when I asked for help.  I'm not good about asking for help but, I did last year.  I asked for help when dealing with myself, with my family, with the house, and with life.  Its made a huge difference in the person I am...and I am happy with that person.  I have some things I need to work on but, my mind is way more settled then its every been in my life.

I thought a lot about dreams for my business.  Last year, I had definite goals and action plans.  This year is different for me.  I love this business.  I am truly thankful and grateful for my clients.  In my head, we're all BFF's....which is smidge stalker so maybe I'll say we're all friends. 

If I'm being totally truthful with myself, I don't think its my dream to have my business become a powerhouse.  I love that I can trace my new clients to old clients.  I get genuinely sad when I lose someone because I won't get to hear about their lives and their journey.  I really do take it far more personal then I should...  I love that when I arrive at sessions, we greet each other with hugs.  

My point?  I have no business goals for growth this year.  My goal is to make sure I grow my connection with my clients and my talent.  How?  Well, I have no resolutions for that...I figure if I just be real, be myself, and show myself some grace.  If I get out and just live, it will happen.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Happy New Year.  Happy Every Day.

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