tdp shine bright | columbus, ohio teen photographer

My memories of middle school pretty much center around the superficial insecurities.  Well, that and my eight grade English teacher who wore these low cut v-neck shirts that all the boys talked about…which goes right along with the superficial insecurities because I, for sure, did not have an ample chest…and never got one until I was nursing…but, I digress.  I always think of this picture that I have of myself…my permed bob with bangs that were…for sure…not cut appropriately…at all.  Yikes. 

Someone I know once said confidence is learned.  Its not fully innate.  That one statement blew my mind.  I always thought it was just how you were…and how I wasn’t.  I always wondered why I have so many insecurities.  I mean, no one was standing over my saying, “You’re ugly.”  But…. no one was standing over me telling me I was smart, beautiful, and awesome.  That I had every reason in the world to be fierce and confident.

That’s how TDP Shine Bright came to be.  I want our not quite teenage girls…those tweens…to experience and see how absolutely fabulous they are…because they all deserve to know and FEEL it. 

I’ve set up three versions of my Shine Bright sessions.  Shine Bright birthday is the “activity” for a birthday party.  Instead of going to the movies or the bowling alley, have a photo shoot for your daughter and her friends.  Or, if the girls just need some positivity and there’s no birthday in sight, do a BFF session.  Just the girls getting together with their friends.  Of course, there is always the option to just let your daughter go solo and have a shoot all to herself….to feel special.

My goal isn’t senior photos for tweens, its for them to see how amazing they are when they’re just being themselves.  No crazy make up.  Just the opportunity to show them this amazing life, body and soul that they’ve been given.