family rejuvenation | dublin, ohio family photographer

My to do list hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday.  I can't complain, though.  I'm coming off a 10th anniversary celebration with my husband in Jamaica....sans the kids.  I had a friend ask me today how exciting it was to see the kids after the time away.  I was so excited that I woke up at 6am in anticipation of seeing them.  I can't tell you how it made me feel to see their excitement when they saw us after being away.  

I needed the rejuvenation.  My husband and I needed the rejuvenation.  I put so much off waiting for after the trip....for the time when I would be focused....sooooo I knew this list was coming.  I, for sure, checked out weeks ago with my responsibilities.  Even despite the reset....the list still kind of stung a bit.

The time away made us realize that we need to check in with each other more.  We need to remember what got us into this mortgage and two kids messy life in the first place.  We needed to be reminded that the hard with the kids is so much smaller then the great.  Kids are freakin' hard.  They push and push and push and push.  It often overshadows that fact that they give and give and give and give.  Rejuvenation time helps shed some light on the shadows.

I've been thinking about this picture a lot.


  They shared with me their struggles and triumphs with having two children 12 months apart.  I listened.  We all have our struggles.  Something to overcome and celebrate.  Then it all happens again.  The key is to take every little moment you can to fill your cup.  Rejuvenate....even if you only get a 30 second moment to do'll make it through.

Easy for me to say after a a week in Jamaica. ;)