not so sneaky peeks | columbus, ohio family photographer

I'm looking out my window and its raining.  No real surprise.  At first it was kind of nice to settle in and watch a movie.  We've had a summer full of busy days and late nights.  My kids were straight up exhausted so a couple of rainy days were a welcomed respite.  Umm....not so much anymore.  I was fah-reezing at last weekends baseball the end of June.  I'm faced with a lot less down time then I expected this summer.  The kids are older so we can do a lot more then we have in the past.  I don't really have to worry about diapers or naps.  Its great...but, exhausting.  Anyway, I've been sort of slacking on the sneak peek department.  I'm a little behind on the editing so rather then take the time to set up a sneak peek, I'm choosing to edit and get pics out in a timely manner.  I am shooting, though...see, here's proof....these are my peeps that never got a sneak peek.