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I have a friend that loves to hear about your story.  Whenever she meets someone new or a new event has happened, she plops down and asks to hear it.  With a smile and quick point to you, she asks you to tell her about it.  No matter how long or short, she's there to hear it.  We all have a story to tell, don't we?  Sometimes that story is so freakin' perfect even you can't believe it.  More often then not, that story has some twists, turns, and the ending is...for sure...not what you thought it would be.  Sometimes its a wonderful thing....sometimes not so much.  In the end, its not the end...right?  We keep pushing along.  Making it work....whether you use medication, a therapist or a work out to get you through...we make it work and it becomes our story.  I guess a story isn't good without some surprises....and maybe ends with some hope and smiles.

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