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This family is one of my most favorite families.  They are always up for anything.  Thunderstorms.  Frigid temperatures.  You name it.  We've confronted it....with smiles and laughter.  The last couple of shoots I've gone to their home and its always filled with smiles and laughter.  

Funny how the first child we prepare so much.  You know when the baby is the size of an avocado in the womb and right when they should be going to solid foods.  The second one....you're just kind of exhausted...especially if the first one is a toddler.  I've noticed that once the third comes...well...the third comes.  There's no prepared room.  Naps are usually taken in the car seat.  3 hour feeding intervals are more like whenever you let me know you're hungry.  BUT, there is always smiles and laughter.  Could be delirium.  I like to think its love.  Probably delirium.

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