perceptions | columbus, ohio family photographer

This family and I met up last year at the North Market.  The night before he set up a surprise birthday party for her.  That morning they went to the gym.  At the shoot, they were glowing.  Their family was happy and looked like they just stepped out of a magazine.  My perception was of a family that was full of love for each other. 

This year was no different.  They all hopped out of the car full of life, love, kindness and smiles....looking like a magazine.  We started the shoot chatting, laughing, picture taking....maybe some bribing.  After a few minutes, I took the kids aside to chat and hang out a bit.  We left mom and dad behind.  Then there was the moment.  The moment I turned around to ask them a question.  At that moment...when no one was and dad were standing there gazing, laughing, canoodling, hugging, kissing and loving.   

Perceptions are a funny thing.  They can be motivating.  They can be deflating.  The thing is perceptions are fueled by what you want others to see....what you want others to perceive....what you media...when everyone is looking.  Reality is what you do when no one is looking.  What you're doing for yourself and not for likes or to be something to someone else.  Reality is what matters.  What happens when no one is looking is what defines us to those that really matter.  Its what really makes us happy.  What makes you smile at the end of the day.

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