chill | columbus, ohio newborn photographer

Last year, I said I would give myself some grace.  It was my goal for the year.  2014 was kind of hard for me and I figured that in 2015 that it was about time to give myself some grace.  Last week, a friend reminded me that it needed to be my goal for 2016 as well.  Grace is a beautiful thing.  I truly feel like it clears your mind for the things that can truly make your life better.  The things that matter.

Last week, I was reminded of how important your tribe is to getting your mind set.  I was also reminded of how I have some crazy smart people in my life.  I mean, I’m not really sure what I contribute to these friendships….charm….thats totally it…charm.  I am truly blessed to have these people in my life and even more blessed that they are there for me at the drop of a hat.  I was humbled by their willingness to help me.  Thank you.

I know this woman….who may or may not be the mom in these photos…who is the epitome of grace and calmness….until picture day comes.  I mean, really.  This lady has a demeanor that is just chill.  I’ve known her for…11…12years…and let me say, I’ve never seen her escorted out of a room for losing her chill until last week.  Let me just say her losing her chill is way different then me losing my chill but…still…it was pretty funny.  

These are some of my favorite newborn shots.  I feel like they just invite you into the family moment.  This is what newborns are for me.  Remembering when the baby was new.  When it was all new.  A new family of five.