its all in the details | columbus, ohio event photographer

I'm not a wedding photographer.  I don't have the equipment for it and'll find out the other reasons over the course of the next few blog posts.  So why am I posting wedding pictures?  Well, this beautiful bride is a good client of mine and showered me with compliments while asking me if I would do it.  Its really hard to say no to someone when they've just made you feel like a million bucks.  

Once I laid it out there that I don't have the equipment or the second shooter that is required for most weddings, I agreed...if anything it would push me creatively.  I found that shooting the details was terrifying.  The bride and the florist, Evergreen Flower Co, are stunningly creative women.  I really wanted to show their ideas and work in an amazing way....I just hoped my point of view was even half way good enough.