location, location, location | dublin, ohio family photographer

After seven years, I have to say that there's not many locations in central Ohio that I haven't used as a spot for portraits.  There are a few places that are insanely popular. Inniswoods is the first one to come to mind.  I love going to German Village.  Mostly because its the first place I lived when I moved to Columbus and I just think you can get a wide variety of shots.  In the end, I like to stress that really it doesn't matter where you choose for location.  I would much rather your focus be on the emotions and relationships in the image rather then the cool background.  I am always preaching...maybe too much...to choose a place that speaks to you and how your family lives.  What's going on in your world right now.  

When this mom contacted me, she said that they were building a house and wanted to know if we could do a shoot at the build site.  I LOVED the idea.  Building a house is a big deal.  There's the excitement of the new house but, also the sadness of leaving friends from the old neighborhood.  Its a moment in life that you swear is about as crazy as its going to get...but...those crazy moments.  Those are the moments that define family.  Crazy builds love, strength and foundations.  Why not document the building....you just might see how happy and content you are in the midst of the madness.