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I'm on day 4 with no heat and the windchill is 18.  Ugh.  I think we may be get to day 6 so I borrowed a bunch of space heaters from friends.  Thank goodness for friends.  I'm trying sooo hard to maintain my positivity about this situation.  I got to admit.  Its getting hard.  Since this is my first day without the kids, I'm deciding to sit with a bunch of blankets and avoid all the stuff that I really should be doing to opt for the silence.  Its a cold silence....but, silence none the less.  

Sitting here got me thinking about clothes and all the layers I have on...that got me thinking about how pretty much everyone stresses about what to wear in their pics.  I think its paralyzing for some and why they choose to just not get pics done.  In the end, I want you to do YOU...BUT...if you want some inspiration...this mama will give it.  I really need to pull out their pics from the last few years just so you can see how good she is...hmmm...

Just so you don't feel bad, I'm going to let you know that she used to be a stylist.  She got paid for it.  I say that because if you're like me...well...then you're not like her!  I knew her in another time.  I was young and so not confident and self assured enough to be in the job I was in but, these two...these two have always been...more.  I remember her asking me questions at work and me just looking at her thinking this girl is good.  She's got it together.  Anyway, every year I love seeing them happy.  I love getting to chat about being a mom, the love of our kids, and the struggles of daily life.  Maybe I should make her go shopping with me.

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