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I've wanted to do Fresh 48 photography for a while now.  I considered birth photography but, the scheduling constraints just seem too much for me to handle.  Plus, I'm not really sure I'm all about being in the delivery room photographing.  Don't think its my thing.  I do, however, feel that there is value in capturing those first couple of days with the baby.  

I once did a newborn shoot a couple of hours after the family got home from the hospital.  I'm not going to say it was a disaster but, I think we all felt this pressure to capture it perfectly and it was just too soon....which is why you usually wait until the end of the first two weeks of a baby's life for a newborn shoot.  Fresh 48's are different.  I come to the hospital within 48 hours of the baby's birth.  There are no worries about outfits.  There's no need to worry about if the baby is sleeping or even fussy.  There are no worries about perfection.  Its just the way you are in the moment.  The memory.  

My kids are in third and first grade right now.  I remember, throughout the years, telling myself to breathe in and always remember this one particular moment.  I don't remember 99.9% of them.  You think you'll remember but, you don't remember.   I don't know.  Those first couple of days are just full of SO much.  This just seems like a way to hold onto it.  To hopefully remember the details when I need my grown children to hold me up.

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