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I got this email from this fabulous woman.

You have been our only photographer for 6 years, for as long as we've had kids and started doing family pictures!   You are AMAZING!!!!!  These photos are my favorite to date!  I love all of them!!  Absolutely fantastic work!!!  Thank you!!!!!! 

Its funny because I can remember going to their house for their first photoshoot with just the oldest one.  Mom had a cake business and was trying to navigate life as a first time mom and a business owner.  Trying to figure out how it all fell into place.  I remember the next one with the oldest at my old house and a makeshift studio I set up.  I think it was still just the oldest at that time.  She deadpanned and wanted nothing to do with me.  I thought for sure I'd never see them again.

The other two came quickly and rounded out the family.  Both of us have different homes then when we first met.  We've commiserated over home improvements.  Over where our lives lead us as women and moms.  Growing our hearts, our minds and our lives to what fits this person you become when you have babies.  

Her words always mean a lot to me just because I've gone threw a lot of growth in the last nine years.  My photography was weaker back then and my prices were cheaper, too.  I like to think each year my work grows and that I'm worth it.  Sometimes the insecurity creeps in but, then I get to read amazing words from women that I know are growing in this journey with me.

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