No Plastic | Columbus, Ohio Social Media Collaborator Photographer

I’m pretty excited to start doing some social media collaborations. I am teaming up with local businesses to help them maintain a library of professional photos for their social media accounts.

I was crazy humbled when Dr. Grawe of Roxy Plastic Surgery agreed to let me stretch my creative wings a bit with her practice. 

Ok. Confession. I never really thought of myself as someone that wanted to ever walk into a cosmetic surgery practice. I mean Barbie is not my thing. I hopped onto Roxy Plastic Surgery’s social media accounts (instagram and snapchat) to get an idea of their brand, their style and their presence...and just how plastic was this plastic surgery office. 

First lesson, this practice is not about plastic at all. It’s about empowerment. It’s about giving you the confidence to be your best. Second lesson, the women of this practice are a force. 

The powerful women of this practice. Yes. I love this. At the same time, I totally walked in that first time time thinking I was going to be approached by glamazons. Ok. Confession. I’ve never actually been inside a plastic surgery office. 

I was blown away by the practice. They are crazy smart. They know what they are doing. These women have smiles that are so genuine and real. Their laughter forces you to smile. They are genuine in their desire for you to feel like YOU.  I mean I walked in wearing a turtleneck sweater and tinted moisturizer...hello old mom of two...and they made me feel like I was cute.  If/when I sit down to discuss solutions to my physical insecurities, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel super human.

I’m major girl crushing on Dr. Grawe. She is a pint sized super human smart AF doctor and mother. We talked about careers, our lives and our kids. I’m seriously going to snatch her up so we can have some tequila in my living room and talk about life.  

So why do I tell you all this?  Take all the above, wrap it up in a beyond glamorous wrapping paper and top it with a strong empowered bow and that’s what I hope to capture for their social media library. 

p.s. I got to touch my first breast implant.  

p.p.s. More info on collaborations to hit the website soon…until then, send me an email!!