Supporting, Believing and Exemplifying | columbus, ohio portrait teen photographer

A friend and I were discussing the words we speak and the effect they have on our children. Our daughters specifically.  What words are going to stick with them forever?  What words are forming the person they are going to become?

I am hard on myself. I have this standard that I’m never going to hit. Mostly because hitting it means sacrifices that are just going to lead to a moody, cranky me.  Ummm, I love food that is not good in amounts that, for sure, are not good for you.  I’m guilty of using the word diet a lot. I often do exercise programs that include a diet. I’ll say, “I’m starting a new diet.”  I’ve noticed my kids have picked up on it and are starting to use the word diet in relation to being fat and skinny. I try to say it’s not a diet. It’s healthy eating. These “diets” I have are developed by a nutritionist and have taught me a lot about eating healthier.  It still doesn't matter because the word "diet" is what they are hearing.

It is hard to navigate through right and wrong messages as a mom. We shouldn’t be tearing ourselves or each other down. It’s taken me almost 40 years to be semi comfortable with myself.  The sad part is I know I’m not alone. Part of that comfortableness comes from hearing the good things that people think of me. Honestly, when someone makes a positive statement about me, I’m always kind of surprised by their prospective. Isn’t that crazy?  

This gorgeous girl’s momma emailed me a few months ago asking about my Shine Bright sessions. She wanted her daughter to feel comfortable being whomever she wanted to be in this world. I’ve preached about how these types of sessions are to let the girls see how great they really are but, as we flowed through this shoot, I realized this was a way for mom to show her daughter that she SUPPORTS and BELIEVES in the person that her daughter is and wants to be in this world.