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I think when people think branding, they think logo and colors.  Maybe pretty fonts.  Lets face it, it can be fun getting lost in the prettiness of it all. In reality, though, that is not branding.  You are your brand.  When your personal business is your passion, you are your business.  YOU are your brand.

Trisha Jackson with Essential Living recently reached out to me to do some branding photos a while ago.  Trisha is crazy gifted when it comes to marketing and social media.  Seriously, I am in awe of her talents.  I asked her some questions about how to start off as a small business without a storefront or brick and mortar.  Here's what she said....

Relative to branding or starting a business in general? Because my first advice wouldn't be to build a logo.  Network, network, network. Meet people. Build relationships. Get noticed by your name and face, first. 

People buy from other people, not a 2-dimensional logo. They want to know you by the value you're bringing them, everyday, and helping them to improve their lives with your products and services. They want to deal with nice people who are likeable with integrity, honesty and authenticity. How you show up for your customers builds your brand, not your font type, color palate nor the images you choose. Those are all expressions and extensions of your brand's personality that's developed later on, over time.

-Trisha Jackson

When it came time for Trisha's professional session we discussed how she wanted to represent herself.  What she needed composition wise.  She needed space in her photos.  She wanted greenery, too.  We talked about close up, mid length and full length shots.  

In the world we live in today, the visual is becoming more and more valuable.  Take real estate photos.  When you're looking at online listings, you know the agents that took the visual representation to the next level and those that chose a discounted route.  For some, it doesn't matter but, for the majority, they are drawn to a more professional representation. 

Pursing your passion is so very personal. That personal passion is the base of your brand.  Solidify that base with the perfect visual representation of you!

Essential Living

Trisha's Elderberries